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Features & Benefits

Bookmark Anywhere

quick search
Easy-to-use browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.
mobile web app
Mobile optimised web application on your cell phone or tablet.
social integrations
Aggregates liked content from Twitter and other social platforms.
Import bookmarks from your existing browser or bookmarking service.

Social Sharing

public profiles
Public profiles for serendipitous discovery of new favorites.
advanced search
Share to any or all your social media accounts with a single click.
private or public
Keep your bookmarks private, or public for others to enjoy!
enhances collaboration
Enhance collaboration using shared content collections.

Link Management

public profiles
Keep all your links in one place, to read later or save forever.
enhanced privacy
Password protect private links to hide them from snooping eyes.
Categorize your bookmarks, with full sub-category support.
personal notes
Enter personal notes and comments for each favorite.

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